Icarus - R.A.T. or Reaching Altitude for Transmission

I was in Milan in March 2020 when everything began. I wasn't sure to stay and document what would have happened there. The sensation I had was trying to tell myself to stay and be part of that flow that would have been part of this project, Icarus. In the end, I decided to leave Milan and the chance to document. Once at home with my brother we closed ourselves in self-quarantine. Two weeks together with him doing smart-working closed in the room and me roaming inside our apartment in Potenza. The sensation of isolation was very strong. The news was constantly updating about the virus spreading and we as Italians, faced the worst part of this. The TV kept sending pictures of an empty world, of hospitals, death, people with masks, messes held but by the Pope and the news report. I felt stuck in a labyrinth of paranoia and overflow of information, and outside nothing and nobody. I was in a dome and the virus was the regulator of the dimension of such artificial limited space. I felt like a rat in a trap. Like Icarus, I was trying to free my mind to get relief from the madness of the outside world, so I was ideally going to get out of this dome, to reach the right transmission altitude and feel new frequencies, new clean and fresh news as if what I was bombarded with was a distortion of the reality.

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