Emanuele Gaudioso (1986) His work explores the relationship between human communities and the environment and how this develops a new ecology.

Evanescence - Experimental Photo Festival 2021 - Barcellona (2021)
144 Rifugio Festival - "Lucania, oil and magic" - Potenza (2019)
Basilicata - "Lucania, oil and magic" - Different Locations (2018)
KromArt Gallery CSF Adams - "Lucania, oil and magic", "Blue mountain" - Rome (2018)
Archaeological Museum - "Lucania, oil and magic" - Potenza (2017)
Curator of "Exhibition of the Workshop with Peter Puklus" (2022)

Touring Club Italia (2021)
Wintess Journal (2020)
Korper Magazine (2020)
Radio Radicale (2019)
Open Migration (2018)
ASud (2018)
La Stampa (2018)
GreenReport (2018)
Witness Journal (2017)
Napoli Monitor (2009 - 2018)
Erodoto 108 (2015 - 2017)

Centro di Giornalismo Permanente, Rome (2019)

D.O.O.R. Factory - Workshop with Peter Puklus (2022)
CGP - Journalistic Interview, Rome (2020)
CGP - Journalistic investigation techniques, Rome (2020)
Davide Monteleone - A personal distance, Reggio Emilia (2019)
Photography in Contest of Crysis and War, Lecce (2018)
CDCA - Investigative Environmental Journalism, Rome (2018)

D.O.O.R. Academy, (2021)
MA in Documentary Photography and Photojournalism, London (2017)
Degree in Language and Translation, Naples/Sofia/Moscow (2016)

Le Quattro Parole, Daniele Brancati. Ed. Progetto Cultura, 2019.
Crisi Ambientali e Migrazioni Forzate 2018. In cooperation with aSud, 2018.
Haikus from the Lighthouse, Daniele Brancati. Ed. Progetto Cultura, 2016.


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