Emanuele Gaudioso

Emanuele Gaudioso (1986) before thinking about photography focuses on communication, dedicating himself to languages, to translation and to the study of cultures of interest. For this reason, he completes the master's course in Literary Translation in English and Russian at the University of Naples "l'Orientale" and at the State University of Sofia and the "Lomonosov" University of Moscow. During the years of study, he lives mainly between Italy and the Balkans, where he finds a way to get passionate about photography describing the world around him. Working in IT for several years, he has the chance to visit all Europe, including North Africa and the Middle East. This leads him to broaden his gaze and gather different cultural sensibilities. Moreover, thanks also to the studies in the sociological and anthropological field, he manages to have a multidisciplinary and always different approach to photography. From here, he cooperates for the publication of the poetic-photographic book "Haiku del faro", ed. Progetto Cultura 2016. In the same year, to improve his photographic practice and make it a profession, he enrolled in the Masters in Documentary Photography and Photojournalism at the Westminster University in London. Once he finished his studies in 2017 with a project on the oil issue in Basilicata "Lucania, oil and magic", he began to publish some of his works and explore the events of his time. He lives and works in Italy and abroad.


KromArt Gallery - Rome 2018
Archaeological Museum - Potenza 2017


Open Migration (2018)
ASud (2018)
La Stampa (2018)
GreenReport (2018)
Napoli Monitor (2009 - 2018)
Erodoto 108 (2015 - 2017)