Emanuele Gaudioso

Emanuele Gaudioso (1986) after finished his studies in languages and translation between Naples, Sofia and Moscow decides to explore the reality with the image. Once completed the diploma in photography at the University of Mass Media of Sofia he moves to London to study Documentary Photography and Photojournalism at the Westminster University. His long term projects regard social disadvantage, minorities and inequality. His focus goes also on pollution and how it affects small communities. He currently lives in Italy operating there and abroad.

144 Rifugio Festival - "Lucania, oil and magic" - Potenza 2019
Basilicata - "Lucania, oil and magic" - Different Locations 2018
KromArt Gallery CSF Adams - "Lucania, oil and magic", "Blue mountain" - Rome 2018
Archaeological Museum - "Lucania, oil and magic" - Potenza 2017

Radio Radicale (2019)
Open Migration (2018)
ASud (2018)
La Stampa (2018)
GreenReport (2018)
Napoli Monitor (2009 - 2018)
Erodoto 108 (2015 - 2017)

Centro di Giornalismo Permanente, Rome 2019

Workshops attended
CGP - Journalistic Interview, Rome 2020
CGP - Journalistic investigation techniques, Rome 2020
Davide Monteleone - A personal distance, Reggio Emilia 2019
CDCA - Investigative Environmental Journalism, Rome 2018

Le Quattro Parole, Daniele Brancati. Ed. Progetto Cultura, 2019.
Crisi Ambientali e Migrazioni Forzate 2018. In cooperation with aSud, 2018.
Haikus from the Lighthouse, Daniele Brancati. Ed. Progetto Cultura, 2016.


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