Nothing News(s)

The project explores the news process and the usage of the images and information. The requirements of news industry ask a certain type of representation of the visual material, it means this has to be standardized, therefore the recording of the images for a news purpose is, up to a certain level, "mechanical". Getting inspiration for this work on the practice of Broomberg and Chanarin called “The day nobody died” I wanted to represent how can be “easy” build a news.

The connection with the work of B&C refers to the support they used, a film roll exposed to the light to impress a kind of trace to give a “unconventional language of photographic response to conflict and suffering” ( My film are white magnetic boards and the light trace a series of printed images audience had to pin on the display. The aim is let people interact with the given material (a topic label, pictures and part of articles or sentences) and “collage” their own news according to the sensibility developed in years. It is also a call to the citizen journalism supported by the technological capabilities of recording brought to society by smartphones and other documenting easy-use support.

Considering the virtual space of social media where everyone can present its personal takeover on particular events adding comments or describing what happens in front of them, the debate around the fake-news, news control and post-truth is stronger than ever. And with this work I want to stimulate this aspect.

The lack of a real critique in the image production due to the request of high-rate news production, for the audience is translated into absorbing a visual dictionary based on tropes or cliché images. A poor and adaptive visual material allows to move images in different context and use them to build narrative, sometimes even more complex, but not trustful and functional to a specific news.