Media and Human

Still believing in photojournalism I explored with this trilogy the news making process, the power of the image and the consequences of the news industry on the population.

The Immanence

Chapter 1 - The Immanence

What inspired this work is the concept of Immanence applied to the development of social consciousness, inevitably linked to the modern means of communication and the trends imposed by them, implying the construction of a new awareness, revolutionary for its relationship with technology. Through the use of the photo journalistic image, binding for the direct relationship between mass information and the dissemination of facts that in a long perspective become history, the series of texts and images tries to correspond for content and emotions.


Chapter 2 - Nothinig New(s)

The project explores the news process and the usage of the images and information. The requirements of news industry ask a certain type of representation of the visual material, it means this has to be standardized, therefore the recording of the images for a news purpose is, up to a certain level, "mechanical". Getting inspiration for this work on the project of Broomberg and Chanarin called “The day nobody died” I wanted to represent how can be “easy” build a news.


Chapter 3 - Coming soon