Emanuele Gaudioso

My my

My-my is about a district called Bucaletto in the outskirt of Potenza. Built following the Irpinia earthquake of 1980 it borders on the town's steel plant. Conceived as temporary Bucaletto became a reality. Discomfort, social fragmentation, abandonment, these are some adjectives that can define the area. Only recently demolitions started in order to redevelop the area and reconnect it to the city. However, the steel plant is still there. A few years ago dioxin monitoring units were installed to control air quality in the district. Despite the reassurances and adaptations of manufacturing to the new environmental standards, the control units are always there like Bucaletto and the people who live in.

Why My-my.

My-my is the testimonies of those who live in Bucaletto. Everyone talks about his story as part of that place that is now indivisible from the person. Years of life with a unique specific weight that still mark the present of those who live there today.

Individual words and phrases have helped to build of over thirty years of this place.

The project was funded by Centro di Giornalismo Permanente of Rome.


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